What you can provide with my company ?

We works with almost all the banks in Malaysia including foreign and local banks. We will do pre-screening and give the best advice in term of interest rate, margin, and packages as different bank has different criteria. We can offer to you clean loan without any collateral is up to 20 million

Whats your company doing?

We are specialist in doing SME loan/commercial loan/property loan/individual loan. We providing a full range of loan advisory and management to more than 5000+ satisfied customers.

How long is the process?

Upon receiving full documentation from your company, your files will be processed immediately and we will provide a full proposal within 5 working days or lesser based on the documents submitted.

What document do I need to provide?

Basic documents for Company: 

1)  All directors and shareholders IC front & back

2) CTC Full set form 24, 44, 49, 9, M&A, latest annual return,

(Section 51, 46, 58, 105/32a, 78 should there be pertaining any details changes of company, amend/increase/transfer paid up capital)

3)  Latest 6 months Company bank statements

4)  Latest 3 years audit report & latest management account

5)  Creditor and Debtor Aging report

Documents can be varied based of the facility required and background of the applicant, kindly text or email us at adalim@agapebiz.com.my to get accurate info

How fast can get the approval?

The soonest can be within 7 working days upon submission. Situation might varies as the application need more recommendation and justification based on your profile or condition.

How long will get the money disburse?

Upon loan approval, Money would usually disburse within a month and to receive the money in your account for company clean loan. For real estate loan, it would takes within 1-4 months based on the facility and property type and personal loan will be disbursed within 7 working days.

Whats the different between you and banker?

We are a highly loan specialist with more than 10 years of operation in Malaysia. We providing a full range of loan advisory and management to more than 5000+ satisfied customers. Since our operation, we are closely connected with 15 foreign and local banks in Malaysia which ease that would speed up the process and higher success rate compared to others.

Of course, we don’t have any conflict of interest with any banks, no hidden info. Along with us, Agape Biz Specialist team will pick the best bank for your company and provide the appropriate advices based on your profile.

Why don't I directly go to the bank?

Each banks are running solely and their banker will only provide their own bank products. For own benefit, each banker will persuade customer to take up their offer even they knew that the banks’ product does not fit the most for customer. Studying the customer requirement and profile, Agape Biz Specialist will filter all the banks and advise the most reasonable, suitable, benefit to customer based on the company’s need.

Whats your consultancy fee?

Consultation fee can be varied based on the loan amount and facility of the applicant. Kindly contact us for more information.

Do I need to pay any upfront?

Of course, strictly no any upfront charges until the loan has been approved and accepted by clients. Proposal is totally FOC.

What bank you will offer to my company?

The bank differs based on customer profile and  we will advise accordingly as different banks has different policy, criteria and appetite. Details will be provided along with the proposal.

What's the difference between your company and other consultant?

Along all these years of business operation, 95% loan success rate or approval rate is the core reason why our customer choose us from the others. Result is everything. Our expertise team manipulates full screening and provide the appropriate action to our customer before submitting to any banks.