Our real estate loan advisory offers extensive property coverage, a high financing quantum and a flexible repayment period. The 3 main home loan categories offered in Malaysia are term, semi-flexi, and flexi loans, with each having a different way of processing the instalments and interests:

  • Term loans have a fixed repayment schedule, and don’t usually allow you to reduce your loan interest with advance payments. And if you want to withdraw from the additional payments you made, you won’t be allowed to do so.
  • Semi-flexi loans allow you to pay extra money whenever you like, to lower the amount of interest charged. You can also request to withdraw from the additional amount you paid, but a processing fee will be charged.
  • Flexi loans are similar in nature to semi-flexi loans, except that these are linked to your current account, and the instalment amount is automatically deducted every month. If you make any additional payments, you’ll be able to withdraw from them whenever you like.

Type of Property Loan

  • commercial
  • industrial
  • residential
  • vacant land
  • land + construction
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    We works with almost all the banks in Malaysia including foreign and local banks. We can offer to you clean loan without any collateral is up to 20 million.

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